About mangoSTEEMS®

– Our Vision –
To empower every child with the knowledge and skills to succeed and excel in the 21st century and beyond.

mangoSTEEMS® is a K12 education brand under iGroup (Asia Pacific Limited). Our missions is to bring cutting edge, innovative and research-based educational solutions to schools, as well as empower teachers to drive best practices in digital teaching and learning through innovative professional development programs.

Its vision of addressing the growing needs of the K-12 market in innovative and effective digital education solutions in the area of S.T.E.E.M.S. (Science, Technology, Engineering, English, Mathematics and Social Studies). We promise to promote mangoSTEEMS® and provide variety and quality of e-learning resources to K12 children, so as to build up their corner stone of learning. Using entertaining and high-quality resources are more able to enhance children’s attention and achieve effective learning.

Giving your child a better choice, explores the treasure trove of electronic learning.

iGroup (Asia Pacific) Limited is a Hong Kong registered multinational organisation with offices spanning 15 countries globally and with a total staff strength of over 1000. iGroup focuses on the knowledge management and information industry, and caters to the needs of customers such as librarians, students, academics, educators, scientists and research professionals.

Info Access & Distribution (HK) Limited is the regional office of iGroup in Hong Kong. We provide different services and supports to our local clients, in order to better meet their needs and goals on education and e-learning.