A Bright Future Ahead

Students around the world dream of attending higher education in the U.S. and joining the international workforce. At Hudson Global Scholars, we believe in creating opportunities in education so students can achieve their goals. Preparing scholars for bright, rewarding futures is our mission.

About Hudson Global Scholars

Hudson Global Scholars serves students globally with online courses and programs that enhance academics, build lifelong skills, and prepare students for university in the United States or anywhere in the world.

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Our Guarantee

For successful graduates of the U.S. Dual Diploma Program and University Pathways Certificate Program

Students with a GPA of at least 2.5 are guaranteed admission to one of more than 15 top universities, or we will refund their program fee. With guidance from experienced admissions advisors, plus a simplified admissions process that waives standardized tests, our students have a direct path to universities with scholarships.


Accredited Schools

Hudson Global Scholars is fully accredited by Cognia, a global network of 40,000 institutions in more than 90 countries. We are proud of our affiliations with some of the highest-quality institutions in the world.


Hudson Global Scholars provides a catalog of 300+ digital courses for grades K-12, each one guided by U.S. standards. Our high-quality courses help students around the world learn, achieve, and prepare for the future. Entirely in English, the courses build language skills and confidence.


U.S.-Based Teachers

Students who take our courses learn from some of the best
online teachers in the world! Our teachers can work directly with schools and students anywhere in the world, using live instruction or teacher-assisted formats that work around students’ schedules.

Our qualified, U.S.-based teachers are:

Native English-speaking

Trained in the best online teaching methods​

Subject-matter experts


A path to U.S. university acceptance!

The Hudson Global Scholars U.S. Dual Diploma program is for international students hoping to attend university in the U.S. or other English-speaking countries. Students earn an American high school diploma that’s recognized around the world.

Successful Dual Diploma graduates are:

  • Highly proficient in English
  • Ready to study on a U.S. university campus or in any English-speaking country
  • More desirable to university admissions officers and employers
  • Guaranteed admission to at least one of 15+ universities

How It Works

Students complete 5 course credits (10 semester-length courses) online in addition to high school coursework at their local school.

Sample Dual Diploma Schedule

Admissions Advising

The Hudson Global Scholars U.S. Dual Diploma program includes 1:1 university advising. These sessions focus on academic and career goals and assist students with university applications.

Your Credential, Your Way

The University Pathways Certificate Program is designed for students in their final year of high school or immediately after graduation. This certificate helps students stand out on college applications and demonstrate success in the U.S. classroom. Successful completion earns admission to at least one of 15+ universities.

Certificates Available in Six Career Areas

  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Arts and Communications
  • Health Sciences

Admissions Advising
The University Pathways Certificate program includes 1:1 university advising. These sessions focus on academic and career goals and assist students with university applications.

Advanced Courses

Our advanced offerings for high school students—including
Advanced Placement® (AP®) and university-level courses—provide an opportunity to demonstrate academic achievement and enhance college applications.

Advanced Placement® Courses (AP®)

We offer a full catalog of AP® courses taught by qualified U.S.-based teachers. These courses prepare students for the internationally-recognized AP® exam and for university success.

University Courses for High School Students

Through our collaboration with University of Massachusetts Global, students can begin their university education while attending high school. Courses are broadly recognized throughout the U.S. and Canada.

English Language Learning

English language learning (ELL) is embedded into every course. For students who need preparation for academic English, our English Language Learning program offers courses aligned with CEFR levels of proficiency, covering Pre-A1 through B2 levels. This program transforms ELL beginners into university-ready learners.

Our Program Delivers:

  • Qualified, U.S.-based, native English speaking ELL teachers
  • Ongoing assignments and assessments that allow students to show mastery at each CEFR level
  • Always accessible learning, available on phone, tablet, or computer

The ELL program prepares students for more advanced coursework, such as our Dual Diploma program, University Pathways Certificate, as well as AP® and university-level courses.

A Mix of Self-Paced and Interactive Study

Students work at their own pace using our interactive learning software and practice what they learn through application exercises. Live Sessions are available as a course option.

K-8 Students

It’s never too early to build a solid foundation for the future.

Our courses help younger students develop English proficiency while learning critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Middle school students prepare for high school while focusing on skills critical to success in today’s world.

In addition to core courses for every grade level, we offer English Language Learning plus dozens of electives for elementary and middle school students, including art, coding, and STEM.

Our students work in our user-friendly online platform