ELT Songs is the innovative learning platform where education meets entertainment.

With a song and accompanying music video at the heart of every learning unit, ELT Songs has developed an engaging learning path that consists of seven activities that reinforce the key vocabulary and grammar structures presented in the song’s lyrics. ELT Songs encompasses broadcast quality songs with accompanying music videos, gamification and high-quality video tutorials. All ELT Songs content is aligned with the Cambridge Young Learner global curriculum and covers a broader spectrum of topics and concerns to address some of the challenges young learners currently face.

Songs and music videos

Engage children for longer and enhance their capacity to remember what they have learnt.

English tutorials

Provide essential language skills and encourage children to listen, speak, read and write in English.

Interactive game & quizzes

Motivate children by a variety of fun and inspiring learning tools that accompany every unit.

Vocabulary chants

An excellent tool for reinforcing key vocabulary to young learners.

What problems does ELT Songs solve?

Traditional language learning applications often fail to provide enough comprehensible input and meaningful interaction that foster high levels of functional language proficiency amongst their users. Children’s expectations of mobile entertainment have risen and reduced attention span in a classroom environment are frequently reported. ELT Songs successfully competes against the fast-paced media content pupils have become accustomed to outside of the classroom by providing high-quality music videos and engaging media content that encourages students to sing, dance, play games and learn English.

ELT Songs’ mission is to make learning a new language as easy and enjoyable as listening to a favorite song. Young learners can fully immerse themselves in the English language via ELT Songs. Students learn English in a multi-faceted way and the interactive games and quizzes consolidate students’ learning. Young learners love the contemporary songs that encompass ELT Songs. Where words fail, music speaks and young learners will find their voice with confidence with ELT Songs.

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