Motivate Children to Learn and Love English!

mangoSTEEMS Universe is an online learning platform for children to learn and practice English in an engaged and motivated way.

The program is designed especially for children at age 4-10. Children can start to read and learn on their own easily. There are different types of learning activities which help children to develop and built up confident for the language skills.

Children can learn and practice daily for vocabulary, sentences, conservation, short stories and more!

English Learning Modules

High quality and awarded learning content helps children to learn authentic English.
The reading levels are correlated to Cambridge English Exam levels – YLE Starter and Mover.


  • 420 leveled ebooks
  • Each eBook has audio and quiz to practice the comprehension and reading skills
  • Cover children favorite topics and learn new knowledge – animals, history, fiction story, holidays and science, etc.


  • 256 fun lessons with music videos, 1,000+ new vocabulary and phrases
  • Learning unit include music videos, conversation practice, pronunciation guides, vocabulary raps and Karaoke
  • Watch, learn and model from native tutors on speaking English


  • Weekly quiz for children to practice pronunciation
  • The quiz is auto-scored by AI system

For Children – Gamification x Encouragement

  • Easy to use and children friendly interface
  • Instant feedback from system
  • Gain points and tickets after completing activities
  • Level up to get a higher ranking
  • Collect over 40 MSU characters
  • Broadcasting messages to the study group

For Teacher – Classroom support

  • Customize learning materials for students, based on your teaching plan
  • Create reading and speaking assignments for whole class, group or individual students
  • Create custom oral quizzes or auto-assigned one for student practice
  • Save your favorite materials at My Library, and project it on lesson directly

For Parents – Parent engagement

  • Support home reading and self-directed learning for children
  • Check children learning progress and give extra bonus

Download User Guide

  • Student User Guide
  • Teacher User Guide