Virtual Writing Classroom

MY Access!® ( is an award-winning, online writing instruction and assessment program that improves student writing proficiency and motivates students to write more frequently by providing immediate scores and continual, adaptive, prescriptive feedback and edit suggestions.

As a result, it rapidly improves student writing proficiency, which helps schools achieve literacy standards, reduces the workload for teachers, and empowers teachers to spend more time on differentiated instruction and intervention.

My Accesss is powered by automated essay scoring engine IntelliMetric® for immediate and accurate scoring. IntelliMetric® has graded 100 billion essays and counting. With accuracy, consistency, and reliability greater than human expert scoring. It is the most capable scoring platform on the market. The efficacy is proven by hundreds of studies, and GMAT also uses IntelliMetric to score for Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) portion.

Essential Writing Tool to Accelerate Writing Growth for All Students

  • A suite of interactive prewriting tools, rubrics, word banks, and writer’s models.
  • MY Tutor ® provides goals and examples to help students focus their revision activities.
  • MY Editor ® assists students in identifying potential errors and recommends corrections in grammar, style, mechanics, and usage.
  • Immediate holistic and trait/domain scores.

Writing Growth through Differentiated Instruction and Actionable Data

  • A robust library of over 2,000 cross-curricular, source-based writing prompts aligned to common core and state standards.
  • Formative assessment to personalize writing practice
  • A longitudinal portfolio of all student writing, scores and feedback.
  • Real-time data analysis of writing to inform instruction and monitor student growth.