An Online Literacy Library filled with stories, lessons and fun activities!

Ziptales is an online elementary school language arts “library,” designed for school and home use. It aims to make reading fun and enjoyable for all primary children.

It offers over 600 modules, covering all English literacy needs from Foundation (Prep or Kindergarten) through to Year 6 and beyond.

  • Reading – 300+ stories, poems, puzzles and other content
  • Writing – explicit teaching of ‘How to write’ major genre types
  • Oral language – voiceovers for all stories
  • Explicit teaching of all major English topics – 150 lessons across all levels
  • Instruction in Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Comprehension (56 lessons)

Ziptales offers a 10 stage reading scheme, aligned to Reading Recovery, Lexiles and Flesch. A reading diagnosis engine offers, in just five minutes, a way of placing a child in the correct level of reading.