Write code. Catch bananas. Save the world

CodeMonkey provides a fun and educational enviornment and intuitive curriculum for kids to learn coding and real programming languages. Through game-based and project-based courses, students as young as 7 use text-based programming to solve puzzles and build their own games. CodeMonkey unique curriculum is designed for school, extracurricular and home-use.

In addition to computational thinking and programming skills, CodeMonkey fosters the development of executive functioning skills, such as problem solving, planning and mathematical thinking. Through CodeMonkey, students become equipped with the tools and confidence they need to then go on to learn more programming languages, build websites, games, apps and more.

CodeMonkey Coding Programs

Coding Adventure

Coding Adventure provides an easy entry into text-based coding, paving the way for students to proceed to more advanced topics.

  • Learn to code text-based coding for beginners
  • Foster the development of executive functioning skills
  • Appropriate for a broad range of levels and learning styles
  • Made with teachers in mind and offers teachers guidance throughout the platform

Game Builder

Game Builder enables students to create their own games by learning every stage of the game-creation process.

  • Build real computer games
  • Design swipe/touch interface games for mobile devices
  • Remix CodeMonkey games and make them your own
  • Share creations with the world

Dodo Does Math

Dodo Does Math offers students a memorable way to practice math by utilizing basic text-based coding.

  • Cross-curricular learning
  • Combine math and computer programming
  • Self-Guided Learning Platform which can use as an extra math practice

Banana Tales

Banana Tales is a fun and comprehensive coding game for students to learn Python. In the game, students need to help reunite twin baby monkeys who were separated after an earthquake hit. Along the way, students will tackle different coding concepts as they rebuild a baby monkey’s pathway back home.

  • Learn fundamental and advanced Computer Science concepts in the programming language Python
  • Develop and strengthen students’ skills in programming
  • Easy to follow

Coding Chatbots

Coding Chatbots paves the way for students to learn text-based code through the programming language of Python.

  • Learn how to code in Python
  • Develop students’ problem-solving skills, as well as critical thinking and attend to real life issues
  • Empower students to create a chatbot of their own

Block-Based Coding

CodeMonkey Jr. and Beaver Achiever help students explore and learn the basics of code as they use blocks to program with cute and lovely characters.

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