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All the tools educators need to engage students in maths learning.

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KooBits is an online mathematics learning portal for primary students. It features a comprehensive collection of challenging Maths Word Problems. It aims to enable all students to acquire mathematics concepts and skills for everyday use and continuous learning in mathematics, develop thinking and reasoning and reason skills through an engaging mathematical approach to problem solving, and build confidence and generate greater interest in mathematics among students.

KooBits Maths For Teachers:

  • 600+ maths video tutorials
  • 100,000+ primary 1-6 topical maths questions
  • Step-by-step solutions with models and diagrams
  • Differentiated skill map aligned to latest maths syllabus
  • Customised homework assignment and tracking
  • Virtual manipulative tools to help students understand
  • Activities & Competitions to keep all pupils engaged
  • Printable worksheets to prepare students’ exams

Unlimited access through Web browser on desktop computer, Mac, iPad, Android tablet or any digital device with Internet connection from anywhere anytime as you like.

Proven outcome of KooBits…

  • Reinforce the problem solving skills taught in school at their own pace through self-directed learning
  • Develop greater confidence in solving word problems, by applying problem solving skills learnt in different variations of the word problems
  • Develop the capacity to think logically, abstractly, critically and creatively
  • Learn to see mathematics as an excellent vehicle to train the mind

“I enjoy doing KooBits because I can gain KoKo Credits and earn challenge points everyday. I like to do KooBits together with my brother. He teaches me some sums that I do not know how to do and I learn new things. My mother says that I should practise Math problems every day and doing KooBits is what I do. It’s so fun!”
– Tay Yi Jean, P1

“I like KooBits because I can learn different concepts and practice the same concepts to improve my Mathematics skills. I like the peer challenges as it will help me to earn extra Challenge Points. In addition, the daily bonus also helps me to earn extra KoKo Credits which will help to unlock the StoryMath and others.”
– Joseph Wee, P3

“I like to do KooBits very much because KooBits can help me improve my mathematics . It has become my hobby , I must do KooBits every day and it can let me learn and at the same time gain a lot of points. I did also win two silver medals . KooBits also give us math challenge with friends. KooBits is fantastic!”
– Ong Shi Lin, P4

“I used to be not good at Mathematics, but after I used koobits, my maths improved a lot due to the useful ways koobits provided, example, the peer challenge. It is effective and I could earn CPs and send my friends peer challenges! Not just that, my maths have reached to an ‘A’! Thank you, Koobits!”
– Low Jun Da, P6