Learn to Code. Code to Create. Create to Innovate.


Digital skills like Coding has become vital to the preparation and success of young people. It helps them understand the world around us and how it functions (as small as how a lift works – something still tells it to go up or down: code!). These skills also inspire them to push beyond just using technology to creating innovative technology solutions for real-world problems they encounter now and in the future.

Help them unlock possibilities and use this opportunity to try coding!
This competition will focus on the theme:

“What I love about Myself, My Home, My World”.


  • Give young people an opportunity to try coding through digital projects
  • Help young people become technology consumers and creators
  • Encourage young people to explore possibilities with Technology


  • Upper Primary (P.4 – 6) and Junior Secondary (F.1 – 3)
  • Students with all experience and knowledge levels are welcome to join


  • Champion
  • First Runner Up
  • Second Runner Up
  • The Best Programming Award
  • The Most Creative Award
  • The Most Famous Award

Students Work:

Online Poster



The Competition Stage:

First Round: April – May 2020
(Total 2 Projects- Create Online Poster and Webpage)

1st Project Topic – What I love about Myself
Students will create an online poster about themselves

2nd Project Topic – What I love about My Home
Students will create a webpage about their home and family

Project Duration:Around 45-60 minutes each

*Students will be given a step-by-step guide experience to create two digital projects.*

Student Projects will be evaluated based on technical skills, design and creativity.

For students who complete the first round projects can get a Participant Cert. for encouragement.
The TOP 30 participants will be invited to enter Finale.

Finale – Live Competition Event: June 2020
(Create Website)

Project Topic – What I love about My World
Students will independently customize their own website about the world; cities and countries they love, and the place they live.

Project Duration: Within 60 minutes

All students will have their own online portfolios with all of their work.

The unique portfolio links are ready to be shared with schools, family and friends at any time even after the competition!

Application Website:
Application Period: From Now until 31 March 2020
Application Fee: Each Participant HK$199

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