Unlock the potential for learning with trusted writing support for students and educators.

Grammarly is a learning tool that works one-on-one with a student to develop writing skills, reinforce proper revision habits, and prevent plagiarism.

  • Equity for students of all backgrounds with one account
  • More readable and rewarding student assignments
  • Added time to focus on teaching ideas rather than fixing grammar
  • Enterprise-grade security to protect student and institutional data

Grammarly is accessible on any device and software, including Browser Extensions, Google Docs, Microsoft Office, Android / iOS Apps and Keyboard and Desktop Apps.

Beyond Grammar

Grammarly goes well beyond finding standard spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. We use AI-powered algorithms to show students how to improve clarity, word choice, and style, saving time for both students and faculty.

Built-In Plagiarism Checker

To support your research, every Grammarly EDU license includes a plagiarism checker. Compare text to 16 billion web pages, plus major proprietary databases of scholarly journals.

LMS Integration

Grammarly integrates directly with your browser, working seamlessly with Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, and many other platforms.

Why Leading Institutions Choose Grammarly

Articulate ideas with confidence and fluency

Clarity-focused suggestions help everyone communicate with polish, from students writing final papers to faculty and staff drafting department emails.

Get the basics right

Get confident with grammar and spelling. Grammarly checks for typos, commonly confused words, and tricky problems in sentence structure.

Strike the right tone

Build better relationships with anyone in your academic, personal, and professional life by choosing your tone wisely, whether in a friendly email or a formal recommendation.

Ensure good citation hygiene

When research notes get messy, the plagiarism detector helps catch passages that may need citation by scanning 16 billion ProQuest™-licensed web pages and articles.

Why Students and Faculty Alike Trust Grammarly

99% of students say Grammarly Premium increases their confidence in their written material.

94% of students say Grammarly Premium helped improve their grades.

87% of students say they save over 1 hour a week with Grammarly Premium.

97% of academic professionals say Grammarly increases their confidence in their written material.

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