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English With Steve Jobs

Learn English through business tips and rules for success from Apple’s, Steve Jobs. This 5-unit course is designed for business professionals who want to improve their English while learning about Jobs’ views on marketing, hiring, innovation, and competition.

Great lines from Jobs’s include:
  • “Live every day like it’s your last, and one day you will most certainly be right”
  • “Microsoft has no taste”
  • “Great Artists Steal”

Comedy & Commercials

Q: What did the ocean say to the beach?
A: Nothing, it just waved!
Jokes are an essential part of the English language and culture. Laugh and learn as you watch these hilarious videos designed to help you practice your English the fun way.


Want a glimpse into the lifestyle of the rich and famous? Learn about today’s hottest celebrities and find out what they do in front of and behind the camera. Study useful English phrases to talk about celebrities in English.

Daily Conversations

Learn how to incorporate daily English conversations into your routine. Develop your skills to be able to speak more clearly and effectively with real English conversations.


Good communication is the key to improving social interaction. Practice how to talk about the science of love and find out what romance really means.

Debate It

Can’t get your words out quickly enough? Debating can help you become better at explaining a variety of topics. This course will help you choose your words wisely and promote critical thinking skills.

World Destinations

Can’t decide where to head next? Plan your sightseeing with our travel bucket list of the best destinations in the world. Discover different regions and learn how to describe, explain, and tell stories about destinations in English.

Discovering Places

Unpack your bags in a foreign country and take a good long look around. Explore famous landmarks and experience different cultures with this exciting travel course.

TED Talks

Explore what’s possible and shift your perspective about the world. Learn something new and get started with TED Talk videos on inspiration, success, education, and science.

The World of Science

Are you interested in how things work and the potential of science and mankind? Explore strange new ideas and learn about where we are going in technology. If you’re interested in videos about science, inventions, and the natural world this is the course for you.

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